Your car’s radiator is what keeps your engine cool while your car is running or driving. If your radiator is broken it may leak or inaccurately cool your engine which can cause an engine to fail. Radiators are made out of brass or aluminum with plastic tanks. The metal of the radiator transfers heat from small coolant tubes so that moving air can quickly cool the coolant. The engine’s water pump pumps the coolant from the engine through the radiator to keep the engine at a proper temperature. Your thermostat will regulate the temperature of the engine. The radiator cap will maintain the coolant pressure of the radiator and cooling system.

In years past, people would go to a radiator shop and have a radiator rodded or repaired. Today, radiators are more reliable and not as expensive to replace. Your antifreeze/ coolant helps to keep your engine from rusting which helps keep your radiator from clogging. Following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule’s coolant flush schedule will also ensure your radiator stays working as long as it can. If you have a radiator problem, call Guy’s Automotive and make an appointment for our mechanics to check out your radiator or cooling system.

Radiator caps should be replaced when they no longer give enough back pressure for the radiator. Guy’s Automotive has a cap pressure meter which will tell you if the cap itself is worn out. If the pressure on the gauge is below the number indicated on the cap itself, for example, the gauge says 13.5 PSI and the cap says 16 pounds, then the cap would need to be replaced. The radiator needs the pressure to maintain proper coolant regulation and distribution, and a worn out cap will cause the coolant to go out of the reservoir and the engine will overheat.

The cooling system in a motor vehicle is similar to the blood flowing to the heart through the arteries in a human being. If the arteries are blocked, then a heart attack will result. If the arteries are clear with the proper amount of blood pressure pushing the blood through the arteries in conjunction with the heart pumping as the regulator, then the human system will remain clear in a well functioning body with the blood flowing evenly through the system for best health. Therefore, if your radiator is clogged, your engine can fail or if the radiator is leaking, your engine can leak to death if not repaired swiftly.

At Guy’s Automotive, we can replace your radiator with OEM or aftermarket new radiators. We have the tools, knowledge and equipment to replace or flush your car’s radiator.
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