Some vehicles come with a factory theft system. This system helps prevent car theft by keeping your vehicle from starting when an unauthorized key is used to start the vehicle or the ignition lock is broken to try and hotwire the car. When these systems have problems, you might have a symptom like factory alarm goes off while vehicle is parked for no reason, car will not start with an authorized key, a key light on or flashing, a security light on or flashing, a theft light on or flashing or a message center stating there is a theft system problem.

Usually when your car has a theft system problem, you have to go to the dealer for repairs. Guy’s Automotive has state of the art equipment to fix and repair theft systems and save you money by being able to repair these systems and you not having to go to the dealer and spend lots of money for repairs. If you have any types of theft system problems, just call Guy’s Automotive and make an appointment to have our mechanics look at your theft system.

Other theft system problems occur from a theft attempt. When your ignition has been broken and your transponder is damaged, it takes special equipment to reprogram your theft system and get your vehicle repaired. We can repair steering columns, ignition switches, broken interior covers and panels, and door locks due to a attempted theft.

At Guy’s Automotive, we have the tools, experience, and equipment to handle all of your theft system problems.
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