Your Starter is an electrical motor that rotates your engine to get it turning for running. When you have a starter problem, you may turn the key to start and nothing happens, you may hear a grinding sound while cranking, or you may hear a clicking sound while trying to crank. Our mechanics can repair all types of starter and electrical problems. We can replace your starter in most cases with new, rebuilt or re-manufactured, or OEM starters. If you have a starter problem just call Guy’s Automotive and schedule an appointment to have your starter system checked or the starter replaced.

The starter solenoid or the starter relay on some models could also need replacing if nothing happens at all when you turn the key to start your vehicle. On some Ford products the starter relay is a separate part usually located near the battery with wire plugs going to the electrical system. The solenoid is sometimes separate on older models and older General Motors models have the solenoid mounted on top of the starter motor piggyback which allows them to work or be replaced together as one unit. Most modern starters have the solenoid incorporated inside the starter motor.

At Guy’s Automotive, our mechanics can check your starter system, charging system and battery for proper operation. A problem with the charging system or battery can also cause the starter not to function properly. Sometimes a customer may thing they need a starter, but in fact it is a battery problem. At Guy’s Automotive, we want to fix only what you need so when in doubt, have us check out these systems to ensure a proper diagnose of your vehicle.

Guy’s Automotive has the tools, equipment and knowledge to repair your starter system properly. We can test and replace your starter. We can repair all starting problems. Call us and get a price quote for your starter and labor today.

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