Driving down the road with your power convertible top down can be a great thing. When the top doesn’t go back up or never went down, this can ruin anybody’s day. The convertible top can have parts like a hydraulic lift, hydraulic pump, micro switch, power convertible top assembly, power convertible top latch, power convertible top module, power convertible top motor, and power convertible top pump. Guy‘s Automotive in Tampa is more than capable of repairing these convertible top systems and more.

When a convertible top fails, it always seems to be the wrong time. Convertible top repairs must be done by a repair shop that knows convertible tops. Whether it is a hydraulic lift or a bad micro switch, Guy’s Automotive can accurately diagnose your convertible top and get your car convertible top right again.

At Guy’s Automotive, we repair all types of power convertible top problems. If you have a power convertible top problem, call us at Guy’s Automotive and make an appointment to have your top checked out. We have the tools, equipment and knowledge to repair your power convertible top.

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