Guy’s Automotive will do all types of auto repairs as well as auto glass replacement. We fix and replace all types of automotive glass. Door glass, quarter glass, sunroof glass, back glass and windshield are all no problem at Guy’s Automotive. We have access to used glass, new glass and dealer glass. We can give you options to repair your glass need at a price you can afford or quality dealer glass to keep your car like new if you so choose. Glass replacement is usually a unplanned problem, so when you need a windshield or any glass, give us a call for a quote.

Door glass problems are among some of the most common glass problems on an automobile. Misalignment of the door windows can result in dragging and the failure of the windows to raise up and down and in extreme cases glass breakage can result. Things like an attempted theft, successful theft, worn out tracks, guides, or window regulators can also cause window breakage or window misalignment. All of these cases can be remedied by a technician at Guy’s Automotive. We fix bent or misaligned window frames, sills, doors, and door jams, tracks, guides, and regulators.

Windshields and rear windows are vulnerable to being damaged by flying objects such as pebbles, rocks, sandstone, seashells, and trees or sections from buildings or objects from other vehicles during normal driving. Also things like intense storms such as hurricanes, tornadoes, water spouts and dirt devils depending on the time of year. Sometimes a theft, attempted theft, or vandalism is another reason that your glass may need to be replaced. Whatever the reason, Guy’s Automotive is here to help you to get your glass or windshield fixed or replaced. Guy’s Automotive not only does quality glass repairs and or replacement, but also has you back behind your wheel as quickly as possible. We also work with most insurance companies as well to better serve you.

On a windshield or glued in glass, we take pride in the quality of our work. Windshield replacement requires the precision skills of a professional to prevent windshield leakage after installation. The first time you drive in a heavy rainstorm will indicate the quality of workmanship. Guy’s Automotive guarantees their work in case of a windshield leak from anywhere around the rubber adhesive seal. Our process includes a professional grade sealer that is extremely durable and will keep you windshield or glass from leaking for many years to come.

Value and quality are what we stand for at Guy’s Automotive.
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