Brake Service: Over time the brake system actually cooks the Brake Fluid. This ruins the hydraulic properties of the fluid and causes major Brake components to fail quicker. Some of the brake components cost over $1000 on some cars. Just keeping the brake fluid flushed can reduce the cost of brake repairs over time and keep you stopping safer.

Guy’s Automotive repairs any type of brake systems with all of the components including anything from an ultra-modern ABS system to drum brakes on all four wheels standard with no power booster as featured in vehicles from the 1960s and even further back in time. Guy’s Automotive has an automatic brake fluid flushing machine which draws out all of the dirty rusty worn out brake fluid and replaces it with the best fluids as itemized by the U.S. Department of Transportation. (DOT) and recommended by the manufacturer.
Guy’s Automotive replaces and bleeds brake systems on all foreign and domestic vehicles in accordance with the vehicle specifications and warranties of the manufacturer. Drums and rotors are turned according to those same specifications to avoid any unnecessary wear on the brake linings or rotors.

Guy’s Automotive replaces either the front disc brakes or the rear disc or drum brakes on older models. Broken or rusted brake lines are replaced as needed. Master brake cylinders and wheel cylinders can rust or leak brake fluid which can be a hazard. It is important to keep your brake system in check. For example, thousands of Ford master brake cylinders caught fire on models like Expedition and Explorer SUVs and comparable Lincoln and Mercury models five to 10 years ago because of a faulty heat sync device which rested on top of the master cylinders in those vehicles. When the cylinders leaked and the brake fluid was heated, fires on board those SUVs occurred frequently, triggering a massive recall by Ford. The fires could happen at any time anywhere including the garages inside residents’ homes while they were asleep and some people died as a result of smoke inhalation or fire. Those brake cylinders and heat sync devices were safely replaced at Guy’s Automotive prior to the recall by Ford. These problems were caught in a routine brake check and may have saved lives.

Brakes are most important on cars and other motor vehicles because more accidents are caused by faulty or worn out brakes notably on trucks. Every 13 minutes occupants of motor vehicles die in traffic accidents much of which are caused by faulty brakes. There are an average of 115 deaths per day on America’s roads and worn disc brakes and fading drum brakes due to heat exposure and lack of maintenance are contributing factors to those accidents and the tragedy of unnecessary death. Guy’s Automotive uses only the best in quality brake pads, shoes, rotors and drums made of the highest quality materials to protect you as the customer, consumer, and responsible driver from those wrecks.

We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment for any brake repairs.
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