No matter what type of vehicle that you drive, a proper wheel alignment is very important when it comes to protecting your vehicle, your tires, and the occupants of the vehicle. Sometimes wheel alignment issues don’t always stand out to the customer, but there are warning signs to watch out for. Some of these signs include, A crooked steering wheel while driving down a straight road, a vehicle that pulls to either the right or left side, your tires wore out rapidly and or unevenly, and your tires may squeal as you accelerate or turn.

At Guys Automotive we offer computerized two wheel and four wheel alignments. The purpose of a wheel alignment is to make sure that your tires are pointing straight, they are perpendicular to the ground, and parallel to each other so they roll at the proper angle. When tires are properly aligned, you get the most out of your tires, gas mileage, and your vehicle handling will be smooth, comfortable, and going in the proper direction.

Four wheel alignments are needed for vehicles that have 4 wheel independent suspensions, or front wheel drive vehicles with adjustable rear suspensions. A four wheel alignment will measure and position the rear axle angles, as well as everything involved with both front wheel alignments. Our four wheel alignment restores all four wheels of your vehicle back to the manufacturer’s specifications. It is the most comprehensive alignment that results in the best overall handling for the vehicles performance, and tire wear.

Three angles bring together a proper alignment: Camber, Caster, and Toe. Camber is the angle of the wheel, which should be at 0° in order for the tire to be perpendicular to the ground and not cause uneven wear to the outer edges. Caster is the angle of the steering pivot, which allows the tires to turn with the steering wheel, and Toe is the measurement between tires so that they are parallel to each other. Keeping all three angles in sync will provide for the best performance possible.

At Guys Automotive in Tampa, FL, we use brand new top of the industry alignment equipment and computers to ensure your wheel alignment is 100% correct. We are constantly upgrading and keeping our employee’s up to date with the latest training available.